Eating the January Blues away… ?>

Eating the January Blues away…

January Blues

So after the end of Christmas and the start of the New Year comes the oh-so common ‘News Years Resolutions’ and the correlating January Blues (most likely due to the ‘dry Januarys’ and ‘strict diets’). Therefore, if I wanted to sell my cupcakes this month, I had to be creative…

…So please welcome Eat More Cake’s answer to the January Blues
Blueberry Muffins*

January Blues Mind Poster

*may or may not contain one of your five-a-day

Personally, I thought MIND fit quite nicely with the January Blues theme and are a highly worthy charity!


The cake designs started off quite simple;
Blueberry and Lemon style muffins
Blueberry Angel-Winged style muffins

I got my ingrediants, baked, cooked and violà – I had 24 cupcakes ready to be decorated….



 ……however, then came the decorating… I started of with what I thought would be a really simple and pretty ‘angel-winged’ design:


Unfortunately this is what happened:

Even with all my charm I could not (have dared to try!)  sell these cupcakes.

Therefore I did an old beauty and designed the following:


p.s yes, even some ‘no-icing’ cupcakes for those sticking to their diet!


I appreciate these are a similar design to my last, and this post is rather short compared to my others, which may be a bit of a disappointment, it is to me. But the cakes themselves were rather simple – my difficulty was finding recipes to break people’s diets and giving them an excuse to do so (e.g blueberries!) I have however this last month signed up to a ‘cake decorating’ class and have an idea for next month which is very close to my heart (hint hint)… watch this space!



Additional note from the day of selling

So today was a hard sell with all the January diets going on, however I did it! All cakes sold and £54 in the pot!! Not bad for the January Blues… with this and the extra £20 donated by my mum I have raised £74 for MIND.

Screenshot 2016-01-18 21.12.59


Image one –

Image two –

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