Everyone’s Irish On St. Patrick’s Day ?>

Everyone’s Irish On St. Patrick’s Day

Only a handful of people that I interact with on a regular basis know that when I was the wee age of 10 years old I was a leg tanning, sock bleaching, hair curling Irish Dancer!

So for the month of March I am combining my childhood of Irish Dance with St Patrick’s Day and supporting the children’s charity Coram.

Even taking Wednesday 16th off on Annual Leave just so I can bake for St Patricks!

I decided to make two different types of cakes; ‘Guinness’ and ‘childhood vanilla’! How little did I know that the most simplest cake could go so ever wrong….


Guinness cupcake with Bailey’s Icing

First up, boiling a bottle of Guinness with melted butter and cocoa powder…

And then combine all in my new super-duper stand alone mixer!


Oh so simple…. untill….


Childhood Vanilla

…my ‘childhood’ vanilla cupcakes. I wanted to make them as if a child had designed them, unfortunately they ended up looking like a child had made them!

My first attempt was the layering up effect (see example below):


So I made my vanilla cake mix, divided into bowls…


…coloured the mix…

…and layered the cupcake cases…


However, as you may notice I filled it up way too much, focusing on all the colours rather than the science of cakes:

Oh dear… anyway to stop myself making the same mistake again I decided to try the marble cake effect. BIG MISTAKE!


I just couldn’t bring myself to serve them, they looked disgusting.

So I decided just to make multiple coloured ‘one colour’ cakes:

I even made some sugar free cupcakes for my colleague who doesn’t eat sugar!


After some creaming of icing and some grating of chocolate I finished my cakes -with only 24 cupcakes and many hours of my life wasted.

Thankfully the Guinness and Bailey’s cakes were by far the best cakes I have ever made so was totally worth my day off!


And I raised £64.69 for Coram!

…..seeing as I raised over £60….


Image 1: http://www.eventtrender.com/blog/2012/03/somewhere-over-the-rainbow.html

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