Signs are to eyes, what words are to ears. ?>

Signs are to eyes, what words are to ears.

The theme for this month came easy to me…. My brother turned 21 this month and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He is currently studying Computer Programming with Artificial Intelligence, is living on his own, and has Ushers Syndrome – type one. Therefore, I dedicated the month of April to raising money for the National Deaf Children Society (NDCS) – a charity that has supported my brother and my family for as long as I can remember.


For those of you who are regular readers of my blog, you know that the first thing I do is lay everything out:

You don’t have to do this – I do it for the photo, though it does avoid last minute dashes for ingredients!

However, while doing this I noticed two things:


I had purchased a multipack of coloured muffin cases and only had 11 of each colour? I mean seriously, who has ever only made 11 cupcakes?! 6/12/24 yes, but 11?


The boyfriend had ordered a ridiculous amount of flour and sugar!

Strawberry-milkshake Cupcakes

Anyway putting that aside I managed to find a spare ‘pink’ case so measured, sieved and mixed to create some (extremely sweet) strawberry-milkshake cupcakes.


With only the slight issue of overspill which I cut off…

Take one: I then realised I had spent a lot of timing planning the cakes, without actually deciding on how to decorate them. Thankfully over the month I had purchased myself some new nozzles and thought I would give it a try…

…unfortunately I forgot that, for some unknown reason, when I add colouring to my butter icing the texture goes funny and the icing melts too much to style – this also happened witmy December cupcakes. While these weren’t too bad, and I did try cooling the icing in the fridge for a couple of hours – they were still melting in minutes and wouldn’t have lasted.

Take two: I then remembered I had purchased an ‘ear’ icing mould…. unfortunately, it didn’t just look like an ear…

Take three: I decided on copying the Hummingbird Bakery design and did the below:

Jaffa-cake Cupcake

I was very excited to make these; I have previously made a giant jaffa-cake cake and it was delicious! (Unfortunately I didn’t seem to take a picture)

The recipe was pretty simple, a standard vanilla cupcake, orange marmalade middle and chocolate icing.


 I decided to add some orange zest to my vanilla mixture, and after tasting the final product would suggest using an orange jelly rather than marmalade (like I did with my big cake).

Saying this, everyone at work loved these so I’m obviously being a bit picky!


Alongside the cakes, this month I decided to contact NDCS (National Deaf Children Society) and see if I was able to get hold of some sign language information. They got straight back to me and were only too happy to help! With every cupcake there was a little educational treat…


(Apologies for the poor quality images!)

Anyway, the good news is that EatMoreCake is getting more and more popular at work! I even have people asking me when my next one is. I ended up raising £77 which is absolutely amazing and my colleague has asked for more information on how to teach her children sign language, quote “it will be a skill for life”.

I just can’t believe how much support I have received – thank you to all my colleagues, friends, and family for the support.

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