You can get ‘fat’ for charity. ?>

You can get ‘fat’ for charity.

I should probably explain the title. At work my cakes are very popular and as I do them pretty often, people are starting to worry about their weight.  This isn’t helped as I keep promoting the ‘One You’ campaign under work’s Health and Wellbeing Network. Ironic I know!

Apologies it has taken me almost a week to write this, but life is becoming busier and busier and time goes on. Plus, I have some big news to announce very soon.

As per my previous entry, for May I was struggling for a theme…. then I went to my annual Cardiology appointment. I found a leaflet for an ‘abseil of Guy’s new Cancer Centre’. Therefore, for the month of May I raised money towards the new Cancer Centre, and pushing myself to the limit by abseiling off it!


Unfortunately, the charity didn’t provide me much inspiration for cakes.  I couldn’t think of a cupcake recipe or decoration that would fit the charity or month. Thus, I ridiculously decided on doing 6 different types of cupcakes.

(6 themes x 4 cupcakes = 24 cupcakes!)

… never again.

My six cupcakes were as below:

  • Purple = Purple Velvet
  • Red = Red Velvet
  • Pink = Vanilla
  • Yellow = Lemon
  • Green = Lime and Coconut
  • Blue = Blueberry

I had in my head it would be simple; two different mixtures (chocolate and plain). Then would separate the two mixtures into six bowls and create the above. Unfortunately, reducing recipes can change measurements.

Red and Purple Velvet

These cupcakes were relatively easy as I had done them a many times before. They take a while as its not an ‘all in one’ process but came out as gorgeous as ever.

My only issue was that during the process you are to make a chocolate paste with the food colouring. As I was making two different colours I had to eliminate the colouring and add it at the end. This did not cause any problems – but its little things like this I should really take into account. One for the lessons log.


All the others…

Again, this was easy. A simple vanilla recipe (without the vanilla) mixed together and divided into four bowls. After which, flavouring added to each individual bowl.


Volia, I have 24 cupcakes ready to be iced and decorated!

Icing and decoration

This is where it got interesting, mostly due to my stupidity of not ordering the right ingredients and decorations.


Red and Purple Velvet

These were fun to do! I decided I didn’t want to do my coloured swirls and didn’t want just one colour, so I decided to mix it up.


Lemon Cupcakes

I hadn’t really thought about this design; all I knew was yellow flowers. So, I kept it simple (minus the hour making 4 marzipan roses!). I completed the cupcakes with a lemon glaze, lemon icing and a yellow marzipan rose. The roses were incredibly popular with colleagues wanting to give the cupcakes to wives or daughters!


Lime and Coconut

These were an old recipe that I had come up with and appear to be a huge hit with everyone. Yay! The cupcakes themselves are a vanilla based recipe. However instead of vanilla adding lime zest and of course green food colouring. On top is a buttercream icing with coconut essence. Finally topped off with shredded coconut. It’s really one of my favourite recipes as its so light!


This recipe is the same as one of the recipes I used in January’s EatMoreCake. I couldn’t think of anything for a ‘blue’ cupcake other than Blueberries. Feel free to comment ideas!

The cakes were due to be topped with whipped cream. This was something I had done in a previous design. Frustratingly I purchased single cream, not double, and thus the cream would not whip into shape. On top of this, it was 5pm on a Sunday so no shops were open to buy the correct cream! Oh well!

I decorated with butter icing, white chocolate shavings and blueberries. I felt they looked quite Easter-y and everyone seemed to love the blend of blueberry and white chocolate.



Now this was where it got interesting. I spend the next hour or so trying out my new nozzles as per my April blog. Unfortunately, I got so distracted I forgot to take photos, and it went so wrong I ended up with a simple design. I was also due to have beautiful paper butterflies, and again forgot to order. And therefore ended up with marzipan butterflies.

I feel this blog sounds rather negative. The cakes this month were pretty stressful. While the designs and recipes were simple, doing 6 in one day wasn’t! I was pretty exhausted by the evening as it took me from 10:30am to 6:30pm with no breaks. Despite this, they were a brilliant success and raised £72. This brings my total (for abseiling) up to £207!

If you wish to donate please go to – . I promise to share pictures of the day on here too.

Ps. On a final note you’ll notice my cakes have wooden backgrounds. This is because I was given some wooden boards by my boyfriend to make the cakes extra special. What do you think?


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