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A list too long

For those who might not be aware I will be pausing EatMoreCake for a while as my boyfriend and I are going travelling! Over the last 7 months I have raised a total of £712 for different charities by: Making and decorating around 210 cakes (I always made extra) Baking for over 35 hours Writing 10 blogs Taking over 200 photos of just cupcakes And abseiling off a 12 story building It has been an amazing and worthwhile experiences. Never say never so I hope to be back. If…

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You can get ‘fat’ for charity. ?>

You can get ‘fat’ for charity.

I should probably explain the title. At work my cakes are very popular and as I do them pretty often, people are starting to worry about their weight.  This isn’t helped as I keep promoting the ‘One You’ campaign under work’s Health and Wellbeing Network. Ironic I know! Apologies it has taken me almost a week to write this, but life is becoming busier and busier and time goes on. Plus, I have some big news to announce very soon. As per my previous entry, for…

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I seriously do not like heights. ?>

I seriously do not like heights.

Hi all, As you know every month I make 24 cupcakes for charity under ‘EatMoreCake’. For the month of May I was struggling for a theme…. then I went to my annual Cardiology appointment. I found a leaflet for an ‘abseil of Guy’s new Cancer Centre’. Therefore, for the month of May I will be raising money towards the new Cancer Centre, and pushing myself to the limit by abeiling off it. I am petrified of heights. I will be…

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Signs are to eyes, what words are to ears. ?>

Signs are to eyes, what words are to ears.

The theme for this month came easy to me…. My brother turned 21 this month and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He is currently studying Computer Programming with Artificial Intelligence, is living on his own, and has Ushers Syndrome – type one. Therefore, I dedicated the month of April to raising money for the National Deaf Children Society (NDCS) – a charity that has supported my brother and my family for as long as I can remember. For those…

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Everyone’s Irish On St. Patrick’s Day ?>

Everyone’s Irish On St. Patrick’s Day

Only a handful of people that I interact with on a regular basis know that when I was the wee age of 10 years old I was a leg tanning, sock bleaching, hair curling Irish Dancer! So for the month of March I am combining my childhood of Irish Dance with St Patrick’s Day and supporting the children’s charity Coram. Even taking Wednesday 16th off on Annual Leave just so I can bake for St Patricks! I decided to make two…

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Fighting for Every Heartbeat ?>

Fighting for Every Heartbeat

With love in the air I decided to raise money for a charity close to my heart (no pun intended!) … the British Heart Foundation.          I decided on baking 24 Red Velvet Cupcakes as they just screamed Valentine to me – especially adding a simple ‘cake’ heart on top.    …and then disaster struck…my scales broke!  Luckily I only had flour to measure … I needed 450g and had a 500g bag…so I think I just…

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Eating the January Blues away… ?>

Eating the January Blues away…

So after the end of Christmas and the start of the New Year comes the oh-so common ‘News Years Resolutions’ and the correlating January Blues (most likely due to the ‘dry Januarys’ and ‘strict diets’). Therefore, if I wanted to sell my cupcakes this month, I had to be creative… …So please welcome Eat More Cake’s answer to the January Blues… Blueberry Muffins* *may or may not contain one of your five-a-day Personally, I thought MIND fit quite nicely with the January…

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Keeping the magic alive ?>

Keeping the magic alive

 After the success of my first bake I was asked by a colleague to support her fundraising campaign for Great Ormond Street Hospital‘s London Santa Dash. As it is December and it is Christmas I thought the theme was simple = Christmas, and after lots of umming and arrring…I decided on three designs; Orange-tasting Christmas Trees Chocolate and Salted Caramel Penguins Orange-tasting Red and Green Swirls   Orange-Tasting? Over the past month I have been a little experimental with my cakes…

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We will not forget ?>

We will not forget

As many of you probably do not know, a few years back I was part of my local Royal British Legion’s Drum Corp (as was my mother many years back!) I have many happy memories of supporting them – they have scoped who I am today. Therefore to start my ‘bake a cake a month’ I decided to raise money the Royal British Legion on Armistice Day.     I decided to make ‘red velvet cupcakes‘ with pretty icing and a poppy on…

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About me. ?>

About me.

Hi, My name is Claire and I like to bake cakes. I currently work as a Project Coordinator based in the City of London and often bring in cakes for people to try – they seem to like them so far! Click here to see a few of my previously made cakes I have decided to try and bake a cake a month and sell them for charity (100% of the money!). It will be a different charity every month and…

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